Homes Uniting America, Incorporated was founded to help the thousands of low and moderate income families in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties find affordable housing for sale or for rent.  Our service also includes linking these families to the housing grants available to assist them locate and buy or rent the homes in their communities.  Homes Uniting America, Incorporated prepares families for homeownership of affordable homes by offering credit counseling, pre-purchase counseling, and post-purchase counseling services.  The agency also will link you to fully licensed and experienced real estate professionals and mortgage agencies to finance your new home.
The company was founded as a not for profit company by Alfred J. Dansbury, Sr. and Sonali Lloyd.  Both individuals are licensed real estate professionals in the state of New Jersey and dedicated to improving the lives  of low and moderate income families throughout the Delaware Valley.  Thousands of families are living in substandard, overcrowded and unsafe living quarters throughout the area.  Homes Uniting America, Inc. is committed to helping as many families as possible find safe, decent affordable housing.